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Managerial Development: Project
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Managerial Development

"Managers are neither Born nor Made; Managers are Grown"
Douglas McGregor, The Human Side of Enterprise

Managerial Development

Professional Female

Advanced Management Program

Advanced program designed for senior executives who constitute the central managrial backbone of the organization - Heads of departments / divisions and so on, or management staff. The program deals with themes such as system thinking, developing a vision and leading change, among other advanced learning activities.

Brainstorming Session

Mid-Management Development Program

A program for mid-level managers (Group Leaders, Section Leaders and the like) whose job is characterized by managing Team-Leaders / other managers. Focuses on themes such as advanced managerial perception, Transformational Leadership, cross-functional management and influence across the organization, managerial coaching, dealing with change and transitions and more.

doing work together

Team-Leaders Development Program

Basic managerial development program for Team-Leaders and first-line mangers. Focuses on the development of managerial role-perception, and skills such as increasing employee motivation, interpersonal communication, effective time-management and prioritizing, enhancing teamwork and more.

Group Discussion

Role Analysis Workshop

A unique dynamic workshop which allows the participant to investigate the interplay between the various roles that he/she has fulfilled throughout their lives, and the way they affect the personal leadership style and managerial role in their work. This workshop is suited for experienced managers, as part of an advanced managerial development program or a team development process.

Group Meeting

Peer-Groups for Managers

Group sessions for peer-managers, based on mutual learning from individual experience, shared managerial dilemmas and the accumulative managerial knowledge within the group. Sessions are usually a complementary process to the managerial development program in which the group was formed, and acquaintanceship and trust between participants has already been established.

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Matrix Management Course

Many organizations face the need for training "horizontal" managers, who are  in charge of critical activities in the organizational value chain - Project managers, product managers, technological leaders and so on.The Matrix Management Courses focus on the ability to influence without formal authority, effective management of interfaces and conflicts, interpersonal communication and building relationships and trust with key business partners.

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