Global Activities


Cross-Functional and Matrix Management Courses

Many global organizations face the need for training "horizontal" managers, who are  in charge of critical activities in the organizational value chain - Project managers, product managers, technological leaders and so on.
The Cross-Functional management courses focus on the ability to influence without formal authority, effective management of interfaces and conflicts, interpersonal communication and building relationships and trust with key business partners.

Global Team Facilitation

Global teams are faced with unique challenges, arising from the variance in language, culture, and time zones as well as the physical distance which also produces mental and perceptual distance. The purpose of the process is narrowing these gaps, creating trust, unity and a sense of partnership among team members and building the desired mechanisms of decision-making and communication that will enhance the team's effectiveness.

Off-Shore Managerial Training

Management courses for managers in different locations of the global organization, for example - R&D or QA Team-Leaders in a remote site. The training takes into account the specific characteristics and challenges of managing in the site. It usually includes a detailed preparation process, facilitation workshops offshore and,  if neded - continued support and remote consultation (using VC) to strengthen the learning and application.


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