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"Hopping Journey"
Globes, February 25th, 2009

Many people find themselves at a personal or professional crossroads - feeling exhausted and need to change, but are afraid of losing their job, security and stability. The article in which I was interviewed, deals with people who have decided to make a significant change in their lives, start a new career  and fulfill themselves. What characterizes such people? How does one choose the new path and what are the benefits of such a choice?    

"Say What You Will"
Globes, June 5th, 2013

How much do we care about what others say about us, and how does this relate to a healthy sense of self-worth and personal and professional success? In this comprehensive article to which I was interviewed, I described the socio-psychological characteristics of the phenomenon, as well as tools to deal with the fear of "What will people say".

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