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Team Talk


"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships"
Michael Jordan

Marketing team meeting

Global Teams

Global teams are faced with unique challenges, arising from the variance in language, culture, and time zones as well as the physical distance which also produces mental and perceptual distance. The purpose of the team development process is breaking these barriers, creating trust, unity and a sense of partnership among team members and building the desired mechanisms of decision-making and communication that will enhance the team's effectiveness.

Go Team

Team Development

A process designed to enhance the effectiveness of a team through self-examination of work processes, relationships and patterns that exist within the team and between the team and its environment - to identify issues that need improvement, and preserve and strengthen existing capabilities. The process is suitable for teams at all levels - from organic teams and project teams through to management teams of all kinds.

Team Talk

Team Building

Designed for teams in their early stages of forming, the main purpose of the process is to clarify the common goal, desired work processes and mutual expectations between the team members. The process then turns to building an agreed infrastructure of communication and work relations that will foster and enhance effective and synergetic teamwork.

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