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Managerial Workshops

In addition to the workshops that are part of the managerial programs, the need often arises for training of behavioral and managerial skills for wide populations in the organization. These workshops were developed based on a rich and extensive experience of consulting work with many global organizations, with constant adjustment to the characteristics of the specific organization and the participants.

Navigating in Woods
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Coping with Transitions and Leading Change

In today's business environment, the only constant thing is change. Change comes in many forms and challenges the regular habits and thinking-patterns. It may perceived as a threat, but it is often a great opportunity. The workshop is especially designed for managers and executives who are experiencing or about to experience change at work. It explores the effects of change on us as individuals and helps participants in identifying their own reactions to change. In addition, they gain insights and acquire a behavioral model of how to successfully lead the change process in their units.

Working with Interfaces and Cross-Organizational Influence

A workshop that deals with the core challenges of the Matrix-Organization. Almost every modern organization is operating in a complex mode that combines horizontal interfaces, role-partners and matrix management. Gray areas are expanding, ambiguity is growing, and managers are required to lead projects, tasks and critical processes across the organization, using a variety of techniques to influence colleagues and executives. The workshop provides skills and insights for better understanding of the organizational environment in which they operate and their own bases of power; It develops the ability of such managers to influence without formal authority, using their personal communication style, the ability to diagnose people and situations and manage conflicts successfully.

Brainstorm to Success
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Effective Meetings Management

Many managers complain about "too many / ineffective meetings", although the meeting is a central managerial tool, and can serve many purposes - Delivering messages and sharing information, a way to monitor and follow-up on decisions, creative brainstorming for generating new ideas, building team cohesiveness and more. The workshop emphasizes the human side of the meeting and the facilitating role of the meeting leader - focusing on the agenda, dealing with resistances, and getting everyone involved and committed.

Giving Feedback

Providing a productive feedback is one of the most powerful tools a manager has to improve performance and effectiveness, but many managers are afraid of delivering a critical feedback, or find it difficult to convey a positive one. The workshop focuses on understanding the dynamics of the feedback session, the right preparation towards it and on skills for effective message delivery and dealing with resistances. It also provides a unique model for managing successfully the different stages of the session.

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